Sergio Elisondo (Geek of the Week)



    This weeks geek of the week is the amazing Sergio Elisondo a multi-musical genius making all forms of video game themed music and more. Check out our interview with him and his many talents. 



    UGeek Club: Where do you do most of your work?
    Sergio ElisondoI tend to do almost all of my work in my apartment, with regards to recording instruments, mixing, and editing footage.  I sometimes film in my place as well, but as of late for my newest videos, I've been taking it outdoors. 
    UGeek Club: Are you inspired by life, images, or imagination?
    Sergio ElisondoImagination. Hands down. Since my imagination is a combination of what inspires me in life and images I see, I tend to rely heavily on my creativity to make something new. Even if I haven't experienced something new in life or have seen an inspiring image, I can still get rather creative with what little I've got. I think I tend to look deep at what makes me feel alive and my imagination is a great place to draw from. 
    UGeek Club: What drives you most in life? 
    Sergio ElisondoI would have to say music. I get influenced rather quickly by music. It tends to pull at my emotions heavily, and I'm easily swayed by the movements of whichever song/track I'm listening to.
    UGeek Club: Where do you want to take your work? 
    Sergio ElisondoI would love nothing more than to be a full-time performer/touring musician/composer. It's more than a hobby to me, as it's something that I live for. I've been performing and composing for quite some time now. Although making it a full-time gig has proven to be quite challenging. I haven't given up on the dream, though!
    UGeek Club: As a musician, what role do you see music playing in society?
    Sergio ElisondoI think music steers society for the most part. Whether the messages are positive or negative, music certainly holds a power over its listeners, as it can both unite and divide people at the same time. I think that music used to give more of an insight of the times and cultures that they were from; there were stories and history told them. Unfortunately, nowadays we don't really get that. But that's not to say that music doesn't move people like it used to. It certainly still does, and probably more so than ever. I think that as we evolve as humans, music will continue to play an integral role in the development of society, be it good or bad.
    UGeek Club: What techniques are your favorite?
    Sergio ElisondoI think nun-chuck techniques are rad. :P
    UGeek Club: How do you want your music to impact society?
    Sergio ElisondoThis sounds silly, but I think that if I could pull a "Bill and Ted" and bring world peace with my music, that would be the way to go. But at a more humble scale and perhaps a bit sappy, I would say that I would want it to inspire people. Let people know and feel that it's okay to dream and to never settle for less.
    UGeek Club: What environmental things inspire you?
    Sergio ElisondoWell apart from music, I would say that the next form of art that tugs at my soul is hand drawn art. If I wasn't a musician, I would have been an artist. There are some drawings and images that I've seen in my life that have told me the secrets of the universe; made me realize that I don't know what it means to imagine… Haha, sounds intense, but that's what art has done and can do for me. 
    UGeek Club: What is your style of choice?
    Sergio ElisondoWith regards to music, I would say J-pop, punk, chip-tune, and metal are most common. I also get down on some new retro wave (80's synth style) here and there. But for the most part, I'll listen to anything that's around me. I feel like I learn something new almost every time with regards to melodies or chord progressions when I do. Great for inspiration later. ;) 
    UGeek Club: How do UGeek?
    Sergio ElisondoWhen I'm away from music… video games. I tend to mostly do retro gaming, with the NES, PS1, and GameBoy (original) being my favorite consoles. I play new games/consoles as well, with the latest PS4 game that I've beaten being Resident Evil 7 via VR (that… was… scary… to say the least!). Gaming has been a part of my daily life since I was a kid and still is to this day. If it wasn't for video games, I really don't know what would have inspired to get into music. True story. 
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    Sergio Elisondo