Living Dark the new Cyberpunk on the Block


    As we see the rise of cyberpunk themed entertainment coming back in movies and shows like Alter Carbon and Mute. We also see video games delving back into a genre that is missing from our ever growing futuristic world. And here we got a game that I have only recently known of but has already captured my attention and curiosity. Living Dark is a cyberpunk game coming out by RocketWerkz that has a lot of talent behind it. So far they have released some video's explaining narrative, exploration, and combat. On top of the feel, they are going for is some very ambient video's to pull you into the world of Living Dark. So check out some of the video's below and see what the team at RocketWerkz are bringing to the table.  




    Welcome to Vox
    a near-future city straining under tensions it can barely control…


    Fight for friends, factions or your own future, but survive at all costs in a society where justice is only for the powerful.

    Explore dense, diverse open environments in a myriad of playstyles. Forge critical bonds then confront demanding choices – against the darkness of the city, your decisions make all the difference.

    A neo-noir adventure driven by a procedural narrative, Living Dark is yours to define.



    Everything’s Connected


    • Navigate an interconnected faction and relationship system that drives the behavior of every character in the city.
    • Gain allies and make lasting enemies as you claim your place in the social strata.
    • Find your own path through procedurally generated storylines.
    • Explore a rich open world of districts and neighborhoods with unique social and cultural identities.
    • Extend your skills, enhance your gear, acquire new abilities, improve your chances.
    • Discover where your loyalties lie as your relationships change and grow, and your goals begin to conflict dangerously with your allegiances.
    • Grow your city heritage; your choices shape the history and future of the city and its people.
    • See the world anew: replay from another direction within the city you helped shape or reset for an entirely new experience.



    Any situation in Living Dark can be approached several ways. Fight, sneak, hack or forge your way through obstacles – the array of hand-to-hand combat styles and ranged weapons can be combined to deadly effect, but violence may create even larger problems. Whether you opt to silently infiltrate an area or socially engineer your way inside, it’s up to you.



    The city of Vox is a dense open environment of districts and neighborhoods, each with a vivid identity that influences the people, events, missions, and items you’ll find there. Exploring aspects of inequality, violence, manipulation, and control, Living Dark strives to create an authentic and believable world that draws on current social themes.



    Living Dark’s procedural mission systems, characters and dialogue means the events around you are generated as a consequence of your actions, relationships, and choices. No two playthroughs will ever unfold the same way.



    Your choices affect more than just the people around you. Interacting with NPCs increases their bond to the player, making them more significant to the developing narrative – leading lives with goals and events independent of the player. How you treat them alters their disposition toward you for better or worse: assist them and they will grow to respect and help you in return, while those you harm will never forget it – and nor will their friends.



    Living Dark is looking like its gonna be a deep cyberpunk world with deep characters and robust fighting system. As a fan of cyberpunk, this game is definitely on this ugeeks radar. And if I was you I would for sure check out Living Dark @ and support this amazing project that has so much potential for us gamers. Well until next time ugeeks keep on geeking on, Knightowl out.