fresco. (Geek of the Week)


    This week's Geek of the Week is an up and coming rapper by the name of fresco. He's a breakdancer, beatmaker and a rapper all in one. Hip-Hop is his geek and it shows with his music and more. Come check out our interview with fresco. and find out why he gets our Geek of the Week seal of approval. 


    UGeek Club: Where do you do most of your work?
    Fresco: I usually create my beats at home, but I usually write my songs on the light rail on my way to work or wherever I’m traveling to. 
    UGeek Club: Are you inspired by life, images, or imagination?
    Fresco: I’m inspired by everything to be honest. Life inspires me to follow my dreams, images inspire me to keep going, and imagination allows to me do anything I’d like. 
    UGeek Club: What drives you most in life?
    Fresco: Definitely Hip Hop (not rapping). The Hip Hop culture is what motivates me every day to either bboy, DJ, rap, or produce beats. If it wasn’t for the culture, I would not be where I’m at right now. 
    UGeek Club: Where do you want to take your work? Is it more hobby or do you want to make a career out of it?
    Fresco: I don’t like to say it’s either one. this is pretty much my life. but I want to take this as far as I can and help out as many people as I can. 
    UGeek Club: As a musician, what role do you see music playing in society?
    Fresco: Music is the biggest role in society. It’s what keeps trends going, its what helps evolve the world! lol 
    UGeek Club: What techniques are your favorite?
    Fresco: Being able to fart without anyone hearing. That shit can be hard sometimes
    UGeek Club: How do you want your music to impact society?
    Fresco: My art will only benefit those who are willing to take action. My message overall, go for your damn dreams and stop being a slave to the system. 
    UGeek Club: What environmental things inspire you?
    Fresco: I like going to Payson, AZ just to get away for a little. 
    UGeek Club: What is your style of choice?
    Fresco: Products of Infamy style
    UGeek Club: How do UGeek?
    Fresco: I watch wrestling ALLLLL the time! Since I was a kid my whole family was into it. I got all the games from N64-PS4. Sting, Taz, and Kurt Angle are my favorites. I’m also a Mortal Kombat geek. I can tell you something about every character. Ermac and Shang Tsung are my day ones lol
    Get Fresco's new album on SPOTIFY when it drops on May 25th, 2018. 
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