William Shatner Live on Stage (Review)

  • Hello my fellow Ugeeks, we here at the Ugeek.club were given the opportunity to do an amazing giveaway to William Shatner Live on Stage at the Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. On top of doing our giveaway, I was also given the chance to go to the event and tell you all how it was. So off I went to downtown Phoenix where the Orpheum theater was located. I brought my lovely girlfriend to accompany me to this event and the first thing that grabbed my attention was the Orpheum Theather itself. I was blown away by the building itself and how artistically beautiful this place was. The ambiance of the theater seriously gave me a feeling of nostalgia.       


    (Below you can see our giveaway winner and what his thoughts were on the event.) 

    "I had an awesome time, great show, Shatner was great!!!"


    After getting our tickets we started to migrate inside and we noticed they had alcoholic beverages and some finger foods for sale. This was a really nice touch since you don't get to see Shatner until after the showing of Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan. So we picked up some popcorn and waters and headed towards the theater. We were given directions to go up since we had balcony seats. And as we walked in I was wowed on how magnificent the theater was. After sitting down I realized my tallness was not so great for the little seats lol. I'm 6'3 so the seats were kinda of uncomfortable for myself. But I was so enthralled with the theater and how it looked I didn't even care.   


    (The view of the theater was immaculate.) 

      (Enjoying ourselves at the William Shatner Live event.)  


    So first was the showing of Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan a movie I never saw. So a little history in my Trekkie knowledge, I didn't get into Star Trek until Star Trek: The Next Generation. A lot of the work that Shatner has done I haven't really been introduced to yet. So to my surprise Wrath of Khan was pretty good. And after seeing Shatner's acting in it I see why he has so many fans. He is definitely a unique caption in the Star Trek world. I really enjoyed the film and was pleasantly surprised that it enthralled my attention and intellect. 




    So after watching Wrath of Khan, the stage lights went on and the host announced William Shatner to the stage. The crowd went crazy in welcoming Mr. Shatner. Shatner goes on stage and starts to tell stories and even jokes. He does a lot of standing during this time but really engages the audience. My girlfriend and I kept laughing with his peculiar jokes and stories. So before this event, I knew very little of William Shatner other than Star Trek and Priceline commercials. But after listening to this very humble and humanitarian of a man, I can proudly say that I have much respect and love for Mr. Shatner. There were many moments were his words touched my heart. I couldn't believe how amazing of a life William Shatner has lived. This truly was an event that brings you closer to the star than most events I've been too. I was so captivated by his stories and persona that I felt like I was right there experiencing his many memories of the past. So coming from this Ugeek I give the William Shatner Live on Stage event a 10/10. It was an honor attending such a well-organized event with great atmosphere and presence.  


    (William Shatner Live on Stage 10/10)


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