What's Geek @ Game On Expo 2016 (Blast from the Past)


    Hello my wonderful UGeeks, Game On Expo 2016 was something I honestly am recommending! The layout out this year was absolutely awesome, the vendor hall was extremely easy to navigate even with many people, and it was wonderful to see so many local cosplayers!


     If you went down what I like to call 'cosplay ally' you found an assortment of amazing cosplayers, including some amazing groups, such as; Heroes United, a non-profit organization who uses costuming as a way to raise awareness for charities! Team Rocket AZ, who are just amazing and so much fun! Umbrella Corporation AZ Hive, who were amazing and danced to 'Never Gonna Give You Up' but also is a cosplay charity for the Arizona Animal Welfare League! And so, so much more I wish I could list them all! There were even a few local Cosplayers who strutted their stuff!


     Umbrella Corporation AZ Hive Above!

    Team Rocket AZ Below!

    I apologize to my wonderful Heroes United, but I sadly do not have a photo! But they were so awesome!


    I also had the wonderful experience of meeting the Arizona Transformers who have made their very own series via YouTube AND make their very own Transformer costumes and the wonderful men who were showing off their Halo/Destiny style and there awesome 3D printer which all of their gear was made! Both groups were extremely fun and awesome to chat with and of course, pose with! They are my new personal bodyguards ^_^



    The retro gaming room within the vendor hall was amazing, it had games I haven't seen since I was a kid, and it was amazing to play them again. The people there were extremely nice and would be more than happy to share the game station with you if they died. if you walked down the main gaming area, you had the wonderful AZHP Gaming set up, which was amazing! there were so many amazingly kind people, and (my favorite personally) the Karaoke game room! The bands who played were awesome, and I absolutely loved the 'Never Gonna Give You Up' dance done by the Umbrella Corps!


    Seriously, if you are in the valley of wonderful sunny Arizona you need to check this expo out! It's so much fun, and so awesome! Seriously my wonderful UGeeks, check it out next year.



    Re-posted from 6/8/17