Game On Expo 2017 The Good and The Bad

  • Alright, here we go with the Game On Expo 2017 review coming from yours truly Knightowl. Now let me tell you that this convention is by far one of my favorite because of my gaming enthusiast mind. And this time Game On Expo was held in Phoenix, AZ instead of Mesa, AZ. And in my opinion, the feel of this con didn't sit right with me in the Phoenix convention center.  But first, let me explain what Game On Expo is before I go into detail about this amazing con. Game On Expo is a multimedia gaming convention that began in August 2015. It covers all types of gaming from video games and arcades to board games and tabletop games. The expo boasts a large vendor hall, video game lounge area, free-play arcades, tournaments (both video and card games), cosplay contests, panels, and a variety of special guests. And most recently some really good video game inspired musicians that freakin rock.


    So my first day I show up at the Phoenix convention center and I have to find parking and this is the first thing I don't like in my opinion about this con being in Phoenix. It's downtown Phoenix so everything is paid parking and I had to spend 20 dollars a day for parking. When they hosted this event in Mesa it was all free parking. And since this event isn't too big yet it kinda gave me a sour taste in my mouth. But moving on to the con. When I first came in you're greeted with security that was bag checking and scanning you to make sure that nobody was coming in with dangerous things to harm people with. I could understand this per the incident that happened at Phoenix Comicon 2017. As I came in I grabbed my team's media passes and we were in. And the first thing I noticed was the lighting and in my opinion, it was too bright for us gamers. One thing I liked about the Mesa Convention Center was how spread out the layout was and the lighting was perfect for my gamer eyes. Now there was an area for the competitive gamers that had all forms of home consoles that was dimmed down for the gamer effect. But all the arcade machines were put in the bright lighted up areas and didn't really pop. I'm not trying to be picky I just like my gaming events dimmed down like us gamers like. Check out the video above to get a glimpse of the first day and some awesome cosplayers also.



    Now on the second day at Game On Expo. This day I showed up later in the day per having some fun the night prior. And with too many drinks, I wasn't able to wake up so early lol. But this was a plus because on this day I was able to watch a lot of the performers on stage which was so much fun. I was super excited to watch some video game inspired music. And the first person that I saw was Mega Ran an amazing nerdcore rapper that has a mean flow. But this is when that light issue came into play again. The stage was placed in the area where the lights gave no help to the stage lighting which was lost in the overhead lights. This is where I think they could improve for the musicians that work off the environmental effects of their stage. But Mega Ran killed it by bringing in some freestyle to get people involved and he kept the crowd very entertained. Check out the Mega Ran video above.



    Next came a band by the name of The Gothsicles an industrial geek band. And omg these guys rocked so hard. So much energy and with lyrics that make you think I was so into this. They really have a uneek sound and the energy of The Gothsicles is so enthralling. I really enjoyed them but yet again the lighting needs to be fixed for the stage at least. I can understand the vendor hall being bright but the gaming area and the stage should have an ambient feeling for these musicians and events. But to be honest the Gothsicles killed it either way. Check out the Gothsicles and my second day at the con in the video above. 



    Now on my last day at the con, I had the pleasure of interviewing an up and coming band called Super Madnes. And the main man Nico talked to me about where it all began and where they are going as a heavy metal retro gaming band. And before I had this interview with Nico on the final day. I was able to check out this band at a barcade called Bonus Round and OMG this band rocks so hard with its heavy metal sound and its retro ambiance I was blown away on how it mixes so well. Nico was nice enough to give me a copy of their first album and I will be putting up my review a.s.a.p. so that you all can check it out. But for now, check out my interview with Nico the drummer for Super Madnes and get a taste of this epic band.

    In conclusion, this is one of my most favorite humble gaming events that speaks clearly to my gamer side. And this event is only getting better over the years. Other than spending 60 dollars in parking where I would have loved to spend that with the vendors or more. This event has a lot going for itself. And if they can somehow give the event a little more of a game-centric lighting feel, I would have enjoyed this event even more. But if you're a gamer near Phoneix this is the event for you. I'm so happy I get to experience this event once a year. And like always keep on geeking on. 


    Re-posted from 8/25/17