Phoenix Fan Fest 2017 The Good and the Bad



    As the weekend ends, Phoenix Fan Fest 2017 comes and goes in a heartbeat. This would be my second Fan Fest and I would have to say its nice to have a con in Phoenix when the weather is better. Now does this make this con better because of it, well yes and no? Phoenix Fan Fest is like going to a mini comic-con. So its a lot more personable but with lacks some of the things we're used to at a con. But lets first talk about the cosplayers and vendors at this con which rocked. 



    As soon as I walked in I saw an awesome Edward Scissorhands and I had to grab a photo. This is what I probably like most about these cons is the nostalgia. So many amazing costumes that remind me of my geeky past. 



    And soon after seeing Edward, I saw an awesome mystery science theater 3000 cosplay. I use to love watching this show when I was young. These things bring me joy haha. I'm a sucker for my geeky past.



    This I run into the beautiful and amazing art of Tony Amato and I was floored by the work he does. His work is so crisp and detailed I really liked it. And if you're a supporter of our local artist please visit him here.




    And of course, we had to have Rocksteady and Bebop. Complete awesomeness is all I can say. Now check out the rest of the cosplayers below and let us know which one you liked the most. 



    So the only bad I would have to point out was the panels. These were set up in a huge room altogether divided by curtains. They all had mics and you could hear the other panel right next to you. In my opinion, it was pretty sloppy and not thought out. I hope for future Fan Fest we see more thought put into the panels. Also, the attendance at this year's Fan Fest wasn't anymore packed than last years. This could be good and bad in my opinion. But for the sake of Fan Fest not being too old after its rebranding, it is a con that isn't bad for the price. I would recommend it for all UGeeks alike. So check out the video below and like always keep on geeking on. 


    Re-posted from 11/15/17