First Day at EVO 2017 Championship Series with

  • Marvel J here.

    I've been a big Evo fan since 2011 because the competition is fierce. Evo is like the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals,'s that to the fighting game community.

    The first day of Evo was exciting for me because instead of watching it, I was actually there. I talked to one of the members of Fantasy Strike, a new game that will be available late next year, it's a fighting game that in a sense combined the button smashing of Mortal Kombat with the strategy fighting of Street Fighter and everyone that I've talked to about it loves that concept, as do I! I personally cannot wait to give this game a go and see how far I can get at it.


    I am a fan of most players and my top three (in no particular order) is Justin Wong, Nuckledu, and Infiltration. I had a blast today in meeting Nuckledu, he is a genuinely a nice person and I wish him the best in the tournament. To everyone, at EVO and watching I hope you have a blast and remember to KEEP ON GEEKING ON

    Re-posted from 7/14/17