All Eyes On Me (Review)


    This is my first ever blog and I would love to know what all you guys think about it.

           As everyone knows All Eyes On Me is finally in theaters. My love for Tupac took me a long way in this movie. I mean damn, it is Tupac one of my favorite all-time rapper. We all have been dying to see this movie since the announcement a couple of years back and of course after the release of "Straight Outta Compton" back in 2015. The trailer was never paid to be on TV and wasn't released until moments before the movie was released, yet we all knew this movie was coming. If you haven't seen the trailer yet it can be watched down below:



         Tupac Shakur, when alive, was no doubt very influential and controversial at the same time. He hit the topics that many people weren't comfortable hearing in the mainstream, but those topics needed light to be shined on them and Tupac did just that. All Eyes On Me tries to portray the truth and hedonistic side of Tupac Shakur.

         Starring Demetrius Shipp Jr. as the man himself, All Eyes On Me does an amazing job showing people that don't know (if they exist) what 2Pac actually looked like. Other than that, director Benny Boom (the music video maker) tries to cram in way too much info on this very influential man. The first hour shows where Tupac came from when he was younger cut in between talking in jail. The scenes are so brief and have no connection between moments. Don't get me wrong though, the acting, though it was not amazing, did have its moments, hint Danai Gurira. Literally, Tupac's creative side was almost inexistent, outside of him writing on a bed surrounded by naked women. The supporting cast seemed to almost just be sprinkled in the movie where ever Mr. Boom seemed fit; so I can't really say much other then Snoop Dogg's character is obviously not voiced by the actor by Snoop himself.

    Rated 4 - 10


         There were many minor things wrong with this movie other than the fact that it was just a bunch of short skits (like a music video). One being Tupac was using an iPhone 7 despite the fact that it wasn't released for another 20 years after his death. Another being the last scene where he was murdered was filmed in front of the Westin Hotel, with its name clearly showing. Shakur's life ended in 1996 but the Westin did not open until 2003. One of them that I actually noticed and I did actually bring to my wife's eyes to is the scene where Tupac is performing Hail Mary to a sold-out crowd and the audience know all the words. Here is the thing that really pissed me off and any real big 2Pac fan will know why. Hail Mary didn't come out until AFTER his death.

         Nothing had me more upset then the ending though, showing Tupac Shakur's unfortunate death. He is seen lying there dying and being carried inside. All the sudden BOOM, we are hit with " Six Days Later, Tupac died in the hospital" like nothing else happened. All in all, "All Eyes On Me" had me frustrated because there were many scenes that I, being a very big fan, was looking forward to. They were just unidimensional and I feel they could have served the Great Tupac better. The writing was flat and tries too hard to make him a prophet, the editing just made it hard to enjoy the film. For Benny Boom to think this movie is better then "Straight Outta Compton" is a disgrace.

    Re-posted from 6/22/17