"Spider-man Homecoming" Trailer 1 Breakdown

  •      Spider-Man is back again and this time, yet again, he is being played by another person. Tom Holland being a younger actor plays the much younger then we are all used to Peter Parker. This is a John Hughs movie, (Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller's Day Off) so they really wanted to give the viewers that sense of this is a kid in high school.



         The trailer begins with some "bad guys" robbing 3 ATMs with awesome new weapons. I think it is rather funny and cool that they are all wearing the Avenger masks. I don't know if it is just me or if anyone else noticed but watch when Spider-Man speaks and all the villains turn around to see him. Did you notice they all look like normal bad guys? The only one that doesn't is "The Hulk" guy; that guy actually turns around and does the "Get In My Belly" stance.

         Next, we get a glimpse at Elizabeth Allan hanging a homecoming sign. I thought this was rather cool because of many things. First is the obvious reason, the movie is called "Homecoming". The next being, it is about damn time she is in one of these movies. This opens the playing field for Flash Thompson, Molten Man, Doc Oc, the mental breakdown of Harry Osborn, Normie Osborn and The Green Goblin. All those things just by adding in this character makes me excited for this movie. We also get to see Ned Leeds sitting with Peter during lunch. Anyone that is curious on who that is, Ned is the third Hobgoblin.  I'm not quite sure who Zendaya is supposed to be playing, though I do trust Mr. Hughs to make here important some way.

         Next we get to see Tony and Peter in the back seat of a car talking about trials to become a Avenger. It seems that Mr. Hughs is going to skip the death of Peter's Uncle Ben. Which I find smart because we have all seen this multiple times already. Instead he is going with making Iron-man the father figure that Peter is seeking. In this scene we see Peter try to hug Tony, which kind of shows that he is looking for that father figure. Maybe this is because of the death of his Uncle Ben.

        We then get to see the outside of the school that Peter is attending. The football field makes me excited because this is a sign showing that Flash Thompson can show up because he is the captain of the football team. Peter then in class is watching his video of the fight scene in Civil War. This kind of shows that Peter is wanting to be something more then what Tony is wanting him to be. When he is called out, if you pause the video and look at the list of what seems to be scientist above the teachers head. You'll see all the way to the right Bruce Banner, AKA The Hulk.

         Following that we get to see Ned catch Peter crawling on the ceiling. Poor Ned drops his Lego Death Star and confronts our new Spidey. We then get our first look at the Venture, who I think looks absolutely amazing. I mean compared to the comics Vulture, they win this one. Next up we  see Peter go to what seems to be the Avengers compound, to maybe to tell them about what just happened at the monument. Later we get back to the monument and get see the police aimed at Spider-man. This could be why Iron-man doesn't want him to show off. We get to see Michael Keaton out of the Vulture costume threatening Peter. It was very different to the things we have seen in earlier Spider-Man movies. A lot of things happen after this, like we get to see Vulture with those weapons from the beginning of the trailer and our first look at a distraught Aunt May. Spidey is then seen doing the oh so famous Jesus pose that is seen in every Spider-Man movie. At end of the trailer we get to see my favorite part with him and Iron-man flying together "bonding". All-in-all I love this trailer and I can not wait to see this movie about my favorite superhero.

         Thank You for reading :)

    Re-posted from 6/23/17