Wonder Woman (Review)


          Starring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, the wait is no more. The movie has finally hit the big screen with Patty Jenkin's stellar adaptation.

         Gadot's Diana (Wonder Woman) is raised by her mother Queen Hippolyta and trainer Antiope as the princess of Themyscira. Themyscira is an island that is hidden by the gods in wait of Ares the God of War's return. Suddenly a Mr. Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), crash lands in a German plane near Themyscira. Going against what she has been taught by her mother, Diana rescues Steve from drowning. Later to find out about World War I, Diana takes it upon herself to fight the war that she believes is led by Ares.



         Now everyone that knows me, knows that I can't stand DC. I'm definitely a Marvel and MCU guy. With that being said, critics and others may not like the DCEU and what they have done so far, but "Wonder Woman" is surely one of the best superhero movies I have seen. The movie could be called slow, but that isn't the word I would us. I would say this movie is "patient", we actually get the chance to see Diana's raising and why she walked away from mankind in the first place. All her motives and moves are shown the entire movie, we get the feeling that we are by her side the entire movie. We get to see the start of Wonder Woman, the disappearance, and the return. We see all these things and not once would I say it was too much or not enough.

         After Diana leaves the island to fight Ares with Steve Trevor. We get to witness her taking to the adjustments of the outside world and the realization of what this war is really about. Every action scene in this movie gives you a different feeling because they visually express the heart and motives of Diana and all the men at her side. The darkness, humor, and action are absolutely fascinating, they make you as a viewer want to hold it in and wait for that refill of soda and popcorn.

         Every actor in this movie performed amazing, Gal Gadot was the best of all in my point of view. Her portraying of Wonder Woman will one for the books and will be remembered for a very long time. For being the first female superhero movie to hit the big screens in a very long time, this movie is definitely one to go see and enjoy.

                Rated  9 - 10

    Re-posted from 6/29/17