"Spider-man Homecoming" Easter Eggs


    Spider-Man Homecoming

         With Spider-Man's move into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the character's first solo outing was bound to include plenty of fun nods to the other famous superheroes. From Robert Downey Jr.'s appearance in the movie as Tony Stark/Iron Man to Peter's school showing videos featuring Captain America, and the references to Thor, SHIELD, and more. There was just plenty for any fan to take in. But there were also more subtle nods to the ever-expanding MCU that you may have missed.

    •      Spider-Man Theme Song     The film starts off with a bang, by giving a nod to Spider-Man's long history. Rather than include the usual music that plays over the Marvel logo opening that's included in every film, the music in "Spider-Man: Homecoming" is actually the theme the 1967 "Spider-Man" cartoon.
    •       Peter's Classmates     This movie is unlike the other Spider-Man movies we are all used to. In this movie, we actually get to see Peter in school more than ever. Among these classmates, we get some nods at some familiar names in Spidey history.      Ned Leeds: In the movie, Ned is Peter's best friend and "the man in the chair". In the comics, Ned later becomes the Hobgoblin and works with Peter at the Daily Bugle, where he battles Peter for the hand of Betty Brant.     Liz Allan: Liz Allan in the movie is both Peter and Flash's love interest. In the comics she is actually a bigger character, leaving the comic world for a while after she graduates. She later comes back and introduced as The Molten Man's step-sister and later marries Harry Osborn. When Harry dies from going insane she later dates Daredevil.  Betty Brant: In the comics, she works for the Daily Bugle, but in “Homecoming,” she’s another one of Peter’s classmates. She’s getting a jump on that journalism career as a reporter for the school news channel. Flash Thompson: No matter the universe, Flash is always Peter Parker’s high school bully. Fun fact, him, Peter, and Harry actually become friends in college, right before he enlisted into the Army and gets deployed to the Iraq War. He later becomes Agent Venom in the comics. Michelle AKA "MJ": Michelle sticks to the background for most of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” more content to be reading her book than caring about what’s going on around her. It isn’t until one of the last scenes of the film, when she is nominated to be the new captain of the academic decathlon team, that she reveals her friends call her MJ. In the comics, MJ is the nickname of Mary Jane Watson the love of Spider-Man’s life, who later marries Peter. Could Zendaya's character be Mary Jane Watson, I think so.  
    •      Vulture's Henchmen      Michael Keaton’s character Adrian Toomes (aka the Vulture) has a pretty decent operation going by the time Spider-Man starts interfering, but there are two members of Toomes’ team that stand out as other villains to the wall-crawler. First Herman Schultz gets his super-villain name in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” He’s the Shocker. Not exactly the biggest villain in Spider-Man’s rogue gallery, but it’s fun to see him on the screen after year’s of Green Goblins. Next, Phineas Mason doesn’t actually get his villainous moniker in the film, but in the comics he’s known as the Tinkerer, who is a very fun character.
    •       Mac Gargan
            The man who the Vulture meets on the ferry for the weapons deal, and later runs into in prison, is Mac Gargan. If you couldn’t piece it together by the large neck tattoo he sports in the film, Mac Gargan eventually becomes the Scorpion.
    •      "I got a nephew how lives around here"      Donald Glover has a small role in this movie play Aaron Davis. This is by far my favorite easter egg character, let me break down why. There is a scene in the movie where Aaron Davis is being interrogated by Spider-Man and he mentions he has a nephew that lives around here. In the comics Aaron Davis is known as the criminal "Prowler" and is the uncle of future Spider-Man Myles Morales (who is mentioned in the movie). Prowler breaks into an abandoned OsCorp lab to steal a small red box and other rare items from a safe but OsCorp's genetically altered spider crawled into his duffel bag without his knowledge. Miles later visits his uncle's apartment and is bitten by the spider. Adding him to the movie easy gives us a future to the series.
    •      The Iron Spider    After the final battle settles, Peter meets "Happy" in the boys bathroom. Happy then takes Peter to the new Avengers compound which is in upstate New York. There he meets up with Iron-Man who offers him a job with the Avengers and a new suit. Both he declines, but if you look at the suit it does look a lot like the Iron Spider suit in the comics.
    •       Cap's New Shield and Thor's Belt     In the movie there is a scene in which Happy is speaking to Tony Stark about what they have in the plane. One of things said was Captain America's new shield and other being Thor's belt. Tony making Captain America a new shield really confuses me because they were just in war with each other. What does this mean? Are they cool now? Thor's magic belt being made tells me that he may have not died in Ragnarok.

    So there you have it, those are my easter eggs for Spider-Man: Homecoming. If you may have seen something else or have any questions leave it in the comments and I will get back to you with my thoughts.

    Re-posted from 7/11/17