My First EVO, The Good and The Bad...

  • This past weekend was EVO 2017 and my first time going to one and even hearing about it. EVO is the largest and longest-running fighting game tournament in the world. The event brought in competitors from around the world for three days. The event was full of emotions, from inspirational comebacks, major upsets, and even tears. Even if you're just a casual gamer who loves sitting down and mashing the buttons with your friends, or if you're someone who loves their share of competition, EVO 2017 had something to offer to you.



         Day one of EVO was very slow but did have a lot of things to offer you to enjoy your time while you were there. You could sit and watch some of the competitions of some of your favorite pro-gamers on the screens that were all around, that had many different games showing. You could also sit at a table and play some of your favorite fighting games yourself with a friend or other opponent. There were drinks and food provided at a bar and snack, though they are very over charged. All around you, there were people dressed as some of your favorite in games fighters. If all of these do not float-your-boat, you could check out the many booths that were all around. One booth that was there, in particular, was showing off a future fighting game that has yet been released. There you could get some info on this game and even sit and play the game. You check out more info about this game by checking out Marvel J's interview with the Marketing Advisor Richard or checking out their website



         Day two was way more intense with some of the finals being played by some of the greats. I got to witness something that isn't seen very often, "SonicFox" getting eliminated by "Semiij" who ended up losing and being eliminated his next fight. SonicFox actually didn't win any of his fights and he is arguably the best fighters in the world at Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat. Day two did have the finals of some games, but it was very similar to that of day one. It was in the same building and had all the same things other than the finals.


         Day three was an amazing experience and something I would love to do again. The day did begin very bad though because we at first were not able to enter the tournament. We stood in line go through the metal detector for about 10 minutes. Soon after that, we found ourselves in another line asking for tickets, which we were never given( we were given media passes). Thus, we were told we needed to check the front desk to get these tickets. It took us a total of about a thirty minutes to finally get a reply from the front desk that we should have been given these tickets one day one. In the end, we were told that we couldn't get in. I did find this very unprofessional, not only because the lady we were talking to didn't know who was in charge or who we could go to but she didn't seem to want to help. After Ocean (a colleague) was able to persuade the security into letting us in, by informing her who we are, and that it's all a misunderstanding, we went to a very nice area to do our work. The was actually very well and we did have our space.

          The tournament it self-was full of emotion and even had me feel those emotions. There were many come backs and even underdogs that came from the losers bracket to take it all.  One of the most memorable moments of watching the upcoming of first time EVO fighter "Punk". From day one meeting him and wanting to interview him, him being more focused on his upcoming fight, to seeing his 3-0 cake-walk in the semi finals of Street Fighter. Punk made his first ever time competing at EVO one for the books. He ended up getting 2nd place (which is the best for any rookie fighter) losing to the veteran "Tokido", who got his first ever EVO championship. I do see a very bright future for Punk and did feel the emotion that he felt. I did like EVO's day three, though day one and two weren't bad, I do feel it could have been more exciting and more of a push to make me want to go to the Main Event. I do feel that there were many unprofessional things to be said about the event though. Another one is that they didn't have the times right, it made it very hard for me to get comfortable with the competition because I'm very time oriented. When I'm given a time, I like to stick to it. Other than the set up being all over the place, the event its self-was very memorable and I would love to witness next years, just maybe set up by someone else.


    Re-posted from 7/18/17