Fullmetal Alchemist Live-Action (Review)

  • With the anime rated as one of the top of all time to see followed by equally as good brotherhood, let's dive into Fullmetal Alchemist Live-Action film and see how it stacks.



    **Possible Spoilers Ahead** If you are reserved and still want to watch, you may want to avoid, although I'll do my best to remain vagueness.




    My wife and I are huge fans of the anime series, particularly the original episodes, we were immensely excited at the reveal of the live-action series. With a slew of live-action anime iterations, many have fallen short. Regrettably, so has this.


    I feel many of the characters were well cast and suited their anime counterparts particularly well. The visual appeal of it still kept with a dark and dismal feel, but still beautifully done. The story opens very similar to the original anime series and begins to feel as though it is mirroring the original storyline, but falls short about 3/4 of the way through the movie as it takes a very strange and off scripted change. 



    Unfortunately, the climax of the movie was laughable, while also disturbingly bad and unrelatable. The movie ended with questions still remaining and no resolution to many of the character arcs. My exact feeling was that of "this movie is taking too long and we need to come up with an ending".


    This movie did have really high expectations to meet but probably should have been left untouched. Now maybe the director wanted some uniqueness to this adaptation, again with it feeling as it didn't belong.


    My personal feelings going forth with these live-action adaptations of many of these anime have really set the bars low. I'm trying to keep an open mind going forth, but how much more can I take!


    My Rating:


    4 out of 10 Chimeras


    I would honestly pass on this film, you may be asking for 2 hours you'll never get back. Tell me what you think! I would like to hear others feelings that have seen it.