Szechuan Sauce! (Review)

  • I'll admit, I'm a fan of Rick and Morty, but the absurdity of the crowds causing riots over an outdated sauce because it is featured on the opening episode of season 3, is seriously mind-boggling. When McDonald's announced on the 22nd that they would be distributing large quantities to all the McDonald's beginning the 26th, I jumped on my hype train and went myself to see what I could've possibly been missing.



    Asking for as much as they are allowed to give me only warrants 3 with a 20 piece otherwise no more due to their limited quantities. The immediate taste warranted a rather sweet, but generic teriyaki taste with a slight hint of soy sauce. With the Chicken McNuggets, the sauce deemed itself worthy but actually excelled better with the fries. I still felt as though sweet and sour and honey mustard rate better. I would have to place this on par with their traditional barbecue sauce. 


    I hadn't approached the cashier with Rick's insane crave for this sauce, but rather a cautionary and concerned Morty. I may just see myself though live long enough to become a Rick as I felt this sauce was a worthy addition back to the McSauce line-up!



    My Review: 

    While they still have the sauce on hand and although they may make it a permanent addition, get out and try it while you still have a chance!


    8 out of 10