Tomb Raider 2018 (Review)

  • Lara grew up with a strong bond with her father, but he left 7 years ago for an adventure and hasn't returned. As she goes about her daily life, she scrounges to make money even though she is faced to get her inheritance that her father left behind. The world presumes him to be dead but she has a belief that he is still somewhere out there. As she is faced with signing her inheritance paperwork she is presented with a key to her father's last adventure, thus beginning hers.




    The movie is full of action from the get-go. Lara is adventurous and smart. She is active, showing she knows how to fight, she understands what is going on around her, and that she does what she can to get by. There are glimpses of her backstory with her father that shows a bit more in depth of who she is, which flows well with the movie. There are some moments of disbelief but it follows pretty well with the newer Tomb Raider game.



    To me, this movie was okay. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either. It kept my interest but overall, it didn't feel like an actual Tomb Raider movie even though all the elements were there. Lara felt a bit too detached to be Lara to the point that if this was titled by a different name, that it wouldn't phase me. It is a good movie although everything that happens kind of is predictable? I would say to wait for this one to come out on Blu-ray/digital download before you see it. It doesn't seem theater worthy to me. Until next time, Ugeek on!


    Reviewer: Red Wulf

    Rating: 6/10