Ready Player One (Review)

  • Welcome to the future, where everything is crap and everyone who is anyone tries to escape into the OASIS. Within this culture, a young man by the name of Wade Watts is competing against everyone else in OASIS to gain the fortune of the OASIS creator, James Halliday, who has passed away with no heir to pass on his fortune. So within OASIS he hid keys to a place that contains the egg of his fortune. Not only are individuals scrambling for years to find and get the fortune but a big name company, Online Industries (IOI), has recruited people to find the Easter Egg for their profit.



    The movie is full of pop culture icons; from video game characters to inanimate objects to movie references. It flows well but does have moments of disposition that drag here and there. In the background, there are a lot of Easter Eggs from Games and Movies that you can find. There is a lot to take in and requires multiple views to take it all in. Characters work well with each other and are very believable as they interact with each other both in OASIS and in the real world. This movie is based on a book written by Ernest Cline and there are similarities to the book but the movie has it's own character.



    In this reviewers' opinion, you need to see this movie, especially if you are a gamer or lover of movies. It works really well and keeps you entertained throughout. There are so many fun moments, beautiful scenery, and classic characters that pop up as the movie progresses. I saw this in the standard movie version but after seeing it, I plan on seeing it again in 3D. This movie is definitely worth seeing in theaters! Stop reading and go see it! Until next game, Ugeek On!


    Reviewer: Red Wulf

    Rating: 8/10

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