Avengers: Infinity War (Review) NO SPOILERS

  • Thanos is on a mission to collect all the Infinity Stones to clear out the populace of the universe so he can rule. The Avengers come together to stand up against Thanos from getting all the stones and gaining the power to destroy lives.



    This movie has a great pace, good humor, and everything you want from a Marvel movie, even Stan Lee's appearance. There are some characters who don't really get a lot of screen time and kind of suffering because of it. Overall, there is great storytelling and a few surprises that happen as it goes on.



    This movie is wonderful. It had a lot of questions that popped up while watching it but it is a great movie. It is highly recommended to go and see this in the theater! If you followed the movies up until this point, it is quite the adventure. Even if you haven't seen the previous movies, it is enjoyable to watch although you may not understand all that is going on within the story. Great action, great humor, get out and go see it now! Until next time, Ugeek on!

    Movie rating: PG-13

    Reviewer: Red Wulf

    Rating: 9/10

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