A Quiet Place (Review)

  • The world is invaded by creatures that hunt you through sound. If you make a noise, they find you and kill you. A family scrounges for items to survive within this world, but their world is about to change.



    The movie is well made and keeps you on your toes as it unfolds. It is unique and shows creativity with the creatures and how the people of the world interact and talk with one another. It does suffer in some of the storytelling aspects and leaves you questioning some points of the film.



    I enjoyed the creativity of this movie. There were some parts that were predictable and some parts dragged a bit. The family is portrayed really well and you definitely see them as a family with their mannerisms. It was a fun movie to see in theaters but would be just as good watching at home. It has really good tense moments, so the thrill factor is definitely there. Until next time, Ugeek On!


    Rating: PG-13

    Reviewer: Red Wulf

    Movie Rating: 7/10

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