Mermaid Boys (Review)

  • Prince Naru has come of age that his parents want him to get married to a beautiful mermaid and carry on their legacy. He has other ideas though as none of the beautiful mermaids are to his standards. He sneaks away with his best friend and spots a beautiful girl in the human world. After rescuing her, he decides he wants her as his love. He ultimately meets up with a sorcerer to get legs and get his girl. He now has a year to win her over or he will become sea foam.

    As far as the story goes, it begins in a very "Little Mermaid" feel. Naru has a lot of beautiful mermaids about him but he isn't interested in them. He then randomly goes up and sees a girl and instantaneously falls for her. Later he returns to see her walking close to the water and slips to which he goes and saves her. One of her friends spots her and runs over, Naru dives away naturally and the girl's friend tells her that he was the one that saved her. Naru finds out there is a way to become human and accepts it even when told that he would turn to sea foam if he failed. Once he gets on land though, things get interesting. He meets his girl and automatically tries to win her over but finds that he doesn't actually like her at all. He vows to work for her heart though because he doesn't want to be sea foam and so the story begins.

    This manga is interesting. As of the posting of this review, only volume one is out but two will be released soon. Unless you are a fan of mermaid stories though, I would suggest borrowing this book from the library, reading it online, or borrowing from a friend. The story, as I stated, has a very "Little Mermaid" feel to it but once Naru gets on land and meets the girl he picked to love is when it really gets interesting. A story where the main character has to win over a heart of someone they don't care for piqued my interest. If it sounds like something you would be interested in reading, check it out! Until then, Ugeek On!

    Book Rating: Teen

    Review Rating: 6/10

    Reviewer: Red Wulf