Upgrade Movie (Review)

  • Upgrade is a movie about a man, Grey, who gets into an accident. His wife is with him and gets killed by a group of men and Grey becomes paralyzed as a result. Shortly after he is offered a chip, Stem, that when implanted in his spine can help him walk again but there is a catch, no one can know about it. Grey makes it a mission to go after the guys who caused the accident and killed his wife.



    The movie moves at a good pace, there are some parts that are a little dragging but it keeps you entertained. The action is amazing in the movie and the tension and emotions that happen keep you fully engaged as the story progresses. The story has a good premise but there are things that could be tweaked to make it shine gold.



    This movie is a lot of fun. I enjoyed it thoroughly but it could have easily been fleshed out more. Some things are not explained well and all in all the outcome opens up a can of worms. The action is wonderful, comedic timing is spot on, and the actors are wonderful to watch. The movie just landed in theaters on the 1st of June and is definitely fun to see. I admit this movie can be seen in theaters but can easily wait for download/Blu-ray. So enjoy this movie, feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts on it as well! Until next time, Ugeek On!


    Movie Rating: R

    Reviewer Rating: 7/10

    Reviewer: Red Wulf