Deadpool 2 Movie (Review) No spoilers

  • Deadpool is back and he is bringing up a new team with him. Deadpool has a life-changing event where he loses his girl and tries to find his way back to her. Along the way, a mutant from the future, Cable, appears after Wade (DP) runs into a mutant kid, Russell (Firefist). Cable is out for blood and as the movie unfolds Wade gets a team together and hilarity ensues.



    Deadpool 2 is just as enticing and engaging as Deadpool 1. The comedy continues and there are new jokes and gags to laugh at. The movie does have a serious tone and Cable helps add to that. The action is good, there are pop culture references all around, and plenty of our favorite merc breaking the fourth wall.



    If you have not seen this movie in theaters yet, by all means, go do it now! It is a fun and visually pleasing movie. Deadpool is as always hilarious. There are a lot of over the top moments and they make the movie engaging. Deadpool makes a lot of pop culture references, including things from recent films like the recent DC films, Avengers and X-men. The action is fun, there are a lot of limbs flying around as well. It is highly recommended to see this movie in theaters. Until next time, Ugeek On!


    Movie Rating: R

    Reviewer Rating: 9/10

    Reviewer: Red Wulf