Tag- A fun movie about friendship! (Movie Review)

  • Tag, the fun game where you are It and need to Tag someone else to make them It. It is a fun kids game but the movie, Tag, is based on a group of friends who never stopped playing as they grew up. Getting together each year in May, the group keeps tabs on who is it and they play until the end of the month where whoever is It at the end of May is It for the whole year.

    So the story is pretty cut and dry, the guys get together and plot to Tag one of their friends, Jerry, who hasn't been tagged in the past 30 years. They find out that Jerry is getting married and plan how to tag him during this whole ordeal. There is a lot of comedy and random situations that the guys get into as the movie goes along. It is cleverly written, although there is one part in the movie that things get taken a bit too far (in this reviewers' opinion).

    Overall, the movie is fun. It has good comedy, profanity, and lots of action. It keeps you engaged and laughing throughout. I do have one issue with a gag that is pulled off that seems to cross a line, even the characters have an issue with it which kind of helps with the impact but, in my opinion, should not have been in the movie. It is a good movie to see in theaters but can easily wait for Blu-ray/streaming. Until next time, Ugeek On!


    Movie Rating: R

    Reviewer Rating: 7/10

    Reviewer: Red Wulf