Hotel Artemis Movie (Review) no spoilers

  • In the near future, 2028, the world has gone downhill and crime has risen. In Los Angeles, a man and his brother along with a team are trying to rob a bank. When they leave the bank, they have a run in with some police and end up getting shot. The older brother takes his sibling to Hotel Artemis, a secret members-only hospital for criminals. As they stay at Hotel Artemis, the city is rising up outside in a riot against the state, and other inhabitants of Hotel Artemis have some ulterior motives for their stay there. The older brother also makes a discovery that a pen his younger brother stole contains jewels that belong to the local mafia boss.

    The movie and its characters are interesting. There seems more to the story than the movie shows you, and it makes you wonder more about links between characters as the movie unfolds. The characters are pretty well fleshed out and the movie takes it's time to have you understand each one of them. Things are kind of slow in the beginning but by the third act, there is a nice end to everything that goes on between characters in Hotel Artemis, as well as the rioters outside in the city.

    This movie was great. I enjoyed every minute of it and think that more people should get out and see it. It can easily be seen in the theater or once it gets released on Blu-ray/streaming sites. I do suggest seeing it in the theater though as it has some good intense action moments in it. There are some story elements though that I would've liked to have been fleshed out some more, like connections between characters and a bit more backstory on some of them. A lot of the characters are very likable and kind of make you forget they are criminals as they stay at Hotel Artemis. The nurse and orderly at the hospital have a great relationship and have some good comedic moments. There are a lot of big names in this movie as well and none disappoint in their role. So highly recommended to go out and see! Until next time, Ugeek On!


    Movie Rating: R

    Reviewer Rating: 7/10

    Reviewer: Red Wulf