Panel: Pure Evil, Mindless Zombie or Necessity? Horror Monsters

  • This was the first panel I ventured to at Phoenix Comicon this year. It was a very informative panel that went over zombies, lore of said zombies, and different ways of coming up to write zombie pieces. No pun intended.

    zombies here

    Several authors of zombie books hosted the panel. Joseph Nassise, Yvonne Navarro, Weston Ochse, Scott Sigler, Quincy J. Allen, and Neo Edmund went over their inspiration to write their zombie stories and the pitfalls they found while writing said stories.

    Some questions asked were:

    Why write about zombies?

    They answered that there is universal appeal for zombies, that the thought of a faceless nameless person or mob coming after you is terrifying, thoughts about a chemical reaction not causing the effect it should and in turn creating zombies is thrilling, and the thrill of facing a force of nature is something that people like and will pick up and read.

    What would you do to survive the zombie apocalypse?

    They answered question with question, how would you survive against people you didn't know, what if it was someone you knew, someone you cared for, how would you survive, what trust issues would you have or you would see arise, would you work with other survivors or sacrifice them to keep yourself and loved ones safe, would you even keep loved ones safe?

    Zombie Apoca

    All in all the panel came up with some amazing ideas and visuals based on their research of zombies; whether they did actual scientific research or just made their own mythos from it, it was a wonderful panel.

    Some books were mentioned as well as far as reading goes;

    The Infected Series by Morgan Price

    The Rising by Brian King

    Afterage by Yvonne Navarro (one of the hosts)

    Dead of Night by Jonathan Mayberry

    So there are a few reads for Ugeeks! If you went to this panel with me and have any comments, please leave them below! Until next time! Ugeek On!

    Re-posted from 5/30/17