It's time for Baywatch!

  • Old adaptations of movies, t.v. shows and books are being made every day. Sometimes Hollywood casts back a good number of years to pull up classics like Baywatch. A show about the life of beach lifeguards, and the drama of their everyday lives outside the beach

    Baywatch crew

    The Baywatch movie follows various members of the Baywatch lifeguards, Mitch Buccahanon, C.J., and Brody. The movie's premise is that Brody, a hot shot 2 gold medal winner swimmer shows up to join the Baywatch crew. Shortly thereafter, people start dying and drugs show up on the beach.

    The movie overall is fun. It has good action scenes, some which go a little overdramatic to a comical level. There are some good jokes and one-liners that go throughout. When Mitch and Brody first meet the one liners kind of get excessive.  There is rude humor as well which honestly seems to just take away from the movie, especially when after the joke is done, it disappears completely from the movie. Past that, the movie features cameos from David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson as their reprising roles of Mitch and C.J.


    The movie was fun in theaters at least for the action scenes but overall I would say wait for the Blu-ray/streaming version of it. If you like crude humor, it'll be up your alley. The movie is engaging and has a lot of fun moments. If you are you interested in checking out the trailer, it is linked below. So until the next movie, Ugeek on!

    Re-posted from 6/4/17