What's Geek @ Phoenix Fanfest 2016 (Blast from the Past)

  • As is written in the Fanfest Guide Book: The 2017 Con season is just around the corner! Here's your chance to talk to Phoenix Fan Fest Staff and poke their brains about what may be coming up for Phoenix Comicon 2017!

    This wrap up was very fun and felt like a family grouping. They went over some things that are upcoming and had the audience talk about their favorite things and any issues they dealt with at this Fan Fest. They touched on some issues viewed such as the flow of traffic and an updated mobile-friendly website.

    Topics covered for the upcoming comicon were as follows: Memberships will be available for purchase this November 2016, Comicon will be in May from the 25th to the 28th, with the purchase of a membership to attend, there will be a feedback survey given to each attendee, comicon is growing and is expanding to the Renaissance Hotel. Further information will be revealed on the websites. They also encouraged panel ideas and people to volunteer to help out with comicon. Overall, they are a great group and a lot of fun to be around. I recommend attending Phoenix Comicon or Fan Fest when you can, it's always a blast! Until then, UGeek on!


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