UGeeks Couch Jockey: Dead by Daylight

  • Who here is a geek and gamer and likes a little bit of thrill in their games? Who likes the possibility of being a slasher killer hunting down survivors or being a survivor trying to find a way away from the monster that goes bump in the night. Dead by Daylight is the game for you!

    The game has you pick between whether you want to survive or if you want to be a killer and hunt down your prey. It is very intense and depending on the role you pick, things are creepy fun.  

    As a survivor,  your job is to avoid the killer and to work on generators that lie scattered over a spooky map. Each map has it's advantages of hiding and fleeing from the killer. As a team of 4 survivors, you do your best to get the generators up and running to power two exits. During that time killer hunts you.  If they find you,  they can hit you to injure you. This makes it easier for them to find you. If they chase you and happen to hit you again, you will collapse on the ground and can only crawl now. The killer can then pick you up and put you on a hook, which conveniently are all over the map too. Once hooked, your teammates can help save you and heal you. If you happen to stay on the hook for a while, giant spider-like legs grow from the hook and try to kill you. If it goes on too long you die. Also if you get off the hook,  if the killer gets you and puts you back on, you will die in 3 hook placements.

    And that is the game. As a killer, you chase down your prey and try to kill everyone on the other team. There are different killers with different abilities as well. From a hillbilly with a chainsaw to a mad doctor who drives survivors crazy by electrocuting them. 

    Survivors and killers can level up with a blood point system.  You play matches against strangers and gain blood points for all actions and things you do in the game. After the match ends you get blood points that can be used in the blood web to gain levels, items, tokens,  and perks to use in the game.

    Perks are additional abilities in which survivors and killers can use to help their advantage to win the game. Survivors can be quieter when injured or fix generators fast, etc. Killers can see survivors or use their weapons quicker, etc. There are a lot of different perks, items, and tokens to be used. 

    So, if this game sounds right up your alley, you are in luck! It is available for PC, XBOX, and PS4. Steam has it for 11.99 and the consoles have it for 39.99. Also Steam has an additional killer, Michael Myers himself who looks like a lot of fun to play. Give this game a go. I promise you a lot of fun, thrills, and a must play with friends! Until next time,  UGeek On!

    Re-posted from 7/5/17