• Welcome to space and the future! Valerian and his partner Laureline go on an adventure in the city of a thousand planets to find out the threat that is growing inside the space station.

    Valerian poster

    The film is visually beautiful. Lots of colors and creative creatures abound. The story that unfolds as the movie goes on is interesting but there are certain factors that could've been left out. The characters are likable but in all honesty, Valerian tries too hard to woo Laureline over. The movie pretty much starts out with him breathing heavy all over her without a background on how long they even knew each other prior to the movie. Past that, the movie flows well and is entertaining to watch.Valerian started out as a comic book. I haven't read it but after seeing the movie, I plan to look for it and read it and see how much in comparison it is to the movie.

    I did enjoy the movie, but it was a bit predictable as far as things played out. It is still in theaters now, I would say if you want to see it in theaters wait for it to go to a cheaper theater before checking it out. I saw it in 3D thinking that it was going to be super amazing but it was just pretty to look at, not really immersive like I was hoping for. So I say, go to the cheap theaters or wait to be able to view it in your home theater blu-ray/streaming. The movie was good but not really theater going worthy. Until next time, Ugeek On!

     Re-posted from 8/7/17