The Dark Tower Movie

  • Once again, the book turned movie has hit again. The Dark Tower is based off a series of books written by Stephen King. The story follows a young boy who has a special gift that is seen as a mental disorder. He has dreams/visions of another world where an evil being is trying to destroy the dark tower that is protected by a select few people called Gunslingers.

    Dark Tower poster

    The film has a good pace. There are some spots that are a bit questionable but other than that, the film flows decently well. It keeps your interest and has some fun moments where the Gunslinger travels to our world and doesn't have the knowledge we have so he says random things that are super out of place and hilarious. There are some spots of action that feel like it needs to have more added to it. The climax of the movie and end result is a bit disappointing as well. Overall, this movie feels like it could have had more added to it, but it is still a decent movie.

    Dark Tower Books

    I would recommend waiting to see this movie once it gets released for home theater. It is a good movie but not really worth it to go see it in theaters. I haven't read the books but I am interested in reading them now because the premise of this movie and to see the depth of the story that is beyond the movie-verse. So I would say check out the books. Until next time, Ugeek On!

    Re-posted from 8/17/17