Birth of the Dragon - (Review) A UGeek Must See!

  • 1960s San Francisco, Birth of the Dragon is a modern take on the epic and the still controversial showdown between a young Bruce Lee and the kung fu master Wong Jack Man. The battle that gave birth to the Legend of Bruce Lee.



    While the film is about Bruce Lee, it has a side storyline about one of the students under Sifu Lee, Steve McKee. After creating a controversy in the monastery, the monk Wong Jack Man comes to San Francisco to pay penance for what he did. Steve hears about Wong coming to S.F. and decides to meet him. As the film goes on, Steve befriends Wong and essentially becomes a messenger between Sifu Lee and Wong. Also during this time, Steve meets a woman who is being held captive and ultimately seeks the aid of his sifus Lee and Wong. During a competition, Sifu Lee invites Wong to view it and openly challenges him to the epic fight. While Wong refuses at first, later on, he agrees but under certain circumstances.



    I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, however, in the movie, Bruce Lee comes off as very full of himself and is a jerk to those he fights. He feels like he lacks respect for anyone other than the students that train under him and even they get moments where he seems to look down on them. Other than that, this movie flows well and the action sequences are beautiful to watch. There is some good humor as well. You do see growth as well and while it's not represented well, you do notice the change that happens with Lee as the movie progresses. I highly recommend seeing this movie while it's in theaters but it'll be just as nice in home theater. Take a look at the trailer and see for yourself if you want to check out this movie. Check out my rating below. 





    Rated  10 - 10 


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    Re-posted from 8/27/17