The Golden Circle: Kingsman meet the Statesmen (Review)

  • How excited I was when I saw the Kingsman coming back to the big screen and seeing their amazing work as they thwart crazy baddies plans to rule the world.



    Enter the crazy Poppy who wants to take over the world and make a name for herself after becoming the biggest drug dealer known. She starts off her take over with a big bang after learning about the Kingsman, she decides to fully shut them down by destroying everything with their name on it. Naturally, because this happens, Eggsy and Merlin team up to find this new threat and take her down. In their adventures, they end up in the good ol' U.S of A and meet the Statesmen. They team up and track down Poppy while she throws her drug plan of fame into action.



    Overall, this movie was not as exciting as the original was. There was action and humor just like the first but it was lacking in the same feel the first movie had. The action was a little too over the top at moments. The opening scene/fight was pretty laughable in the aspect of how things played out, with CGI and stunts that look like they pulled it from a cartoon. There were gaps in the story as well. Scenes played out and seemed to skip over information that came up later like the viewer knew what happened when they really did not. Poppy is introduced really well and makes you intrigued to see what she's got as a villain but ends up being disappointing, especially when compared to Samuel L. Jackson in the first movie. The movie is fun but you can easily afford to wait for it to come to the home theater. If you really enjoyed the first one and want to go see this one, it is visually pretty on the big screen.


    Rated  7 - 10


    This Ugeek gives this movie a 7 out of 10. Good Kingsman movie but could've been just a bit better with tweaked writing. Until next time, Ugeek On!





    Re-posted from 9/22/17