IT 2017 (Review)

  • From book to made for TV mini-series to the big screen, It has been around for a long while, and it's not going away anytime soon.



    An unknown creature sleeps in the Town of Derry, every 27 years it wakes up and for a full year feeds on the townspeople. It mainly targets children as It feeds off of fear and what is easier to scare than a child? A group of kids notices the happenings, as a group of social outcasts from school and society, they become a group called The Losers Club and face It to save the missing townspeople (mainly children). While they band together, they grow and show a strong bond of friendship and love.


    The made for TV movie is actually one of my favorite movies of all time. I believe it was the movie that made me a Curry fan other than Ferngully (which if you haven't seen, go watch it!) So when the remake was announced, I was worried at first. I don't really like remakes, they usually mess everything up and take the soul out of what I loved and cherished before. When the first trailer for 2017 It came out, I held my breath and watched it. I was floored by the end of it, it was phenomenal and I couldn't wait to see IT in theaters. I was not wrong or disappointed seeing It on opening night. If you have not seen this movie yet, by all means, go see IT in Theaters!



    The movie is dark and has some gruesome parts, but overall it comes off more as a thriller than a horror movie. Some of the pacing is awkward, where there are scenes with kids meeting Pennywise and after the horror of dealing with him, the movie transitions to life back to normal. There are some really good easter eggs for those who watched the Made for TV movie and overall this adaptation plays close to the book. There are certain things left out for good reason although there have been gripes about scenes not being in the movie. I highly recommend seeing this movie while it is in theaters, it is visually appealing and the main characters are very likable and have great synergy for kid actors.

    This Ugeek gives this movie a 10 out of 10. Go see it!!!!


    Rated  10 - 10


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    Re-posted from 9/22/17