Happy Death Day! Time to die...yet again...(Review)

  • Trea wakes up on her birthday in a strange dorm room after a rowdy night of drinking and having Sorority fun. Her day is pretty typical with going to class and meeting with her Sorority sisters. When night falls, she goes off to party again. As she goes, she runs into a creepy person dressed in black and wearing a mask of the college mascot. She ultimately runs from them and ends up getting killed. The next day she wakes up to her birthday again. Confused, she gets up and tries to figure out what is going on. 


    Trea waking up


    This movie is fun and has a lot of interesting twists to it. The character of Trea isn't an all-around good girl, to begin with. There is a lot established at the beginning of the movie that shows exactly what type of girl she is. So, as the movie goes, she grows as a character as she learns more about the "friends" around her. The movie has a decent pacing, there is a bit where it feels like it drags, but the various deaths and interactions with characters make up for it.



    While it is a good movie, I can admit that this one can easily wait for Blu-Ray or streaming. If you want a fun horror/thriller movie to see the Halloween scene, this is a pretty good one.




    This Ugeek gives an 8 out of 10 to this movie


    Rated  8 - 10


    Movie is rated PG-13

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    Re-posted from 10/16/17