The LEGO Ninjago Movie (Review)

  • In the world of Ninjago, a teenage boy named Lloyd tries to make a name for himself by doing good. His challenge is that his dad is a supervillain that harasses the city constantly trying to take over, and Lloyd is secretly part of a ninja clan that defends the city. Lloyd hates his dad for leaving him and being a villain. It has caused his life to be rough as a result.



    The movie is pretty straightforward as far as what is going on. It has a good story of coming of age and family matters as well. It is humorous as the Lego movies are, but it is easily targeted to a younger audience.



    If you want a day out with some fun for younger children, then you could have fun at the theater. This movie is easily a good at the home movie for the kids. So you can easily skip it and wait to stream it for them or get the blu-ray. If you go to the theater, be warned, it's fun but lacks enough for adults or parents to stay fully engaged with it.




    This Ugeek gives this movie a 7 out of 10 rating.


    Rated  7 - 10


    Movie is rated PG

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    Re-posted from 10/16/17