Sega Forever! Free to play classics on your mobile device!

  • Hey all, Orpax here with a quick little piece of fandom. I have been a HUGE Sega fan since my 13th birthday when I received my first console, announced Sega Master System. Today announced a new initiative called "Sega Forever." The list of it has Sega released five classic games today(Sonic, Comix Zone, Altered Beast, Kid Chameleon, and Phantasy Star 2) for Android and IOS. 



    Each game available through Sega Forever will be free to download and features in-game ads. However, players have the option to remove the ads via a $2 in-app purchase per game. Every title will also support new features such as leaderboards, cloud saves, offline play, and controller support. The service will be updated with additional titles every two weeks, according to a press release. Each Sega Forever game will be available to download individually on Android and iOS devices from the Google Play and App stores.


    Name: Jason "Orpax" Auger


    Re-posted from 6/21/17