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    Hi UGeeks, Orpax here with another UGeek UGRe-view.



    This week we are talking about one of my favorite “beat-em-up’s” : Streets of Rage 2 for the Sega Genesis




    A year has passed since the events of Streets of Rage. To celebrate the defeat of the mysterious 'Mr. X' and his syndicate the previous year, Adam Hunter, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding met at their favorite nightspot in the city and spent their time reminiscing about their vigilante crusade against 'Mr. X' and his organization. Axel and Blaze had moved out of the city after the adventure from last year. Axel has begun working as a part-time bodyguard and Blaze teaches dance classes. Adam has since rejoined the police force and lives in a small house with his younger brother.


    The next morning, Axel received a phone call from Eddie 'Skate' Hunter, Adam's younger brother. Skate had arrived at home from school and was shocked to find his house in ruin and his older brother missing. Attached to the front door was a picture of Adam chained to a wall at the feet of Mr. X. The criminals began to retake the streets once more. Beatings and lootings took place regularly and in broad daylight. Chaos reigned in the city, far worse than before.


    Realizing that Mr. X and his syndicate have returned for revenge against them and the city, Axel and Skate waste no time in telling Blaze about the unexpected situation and Blaze herself is determined to help Axel out in defeating Mr. X and rescuing Adam. Accompanied by Adam's young brother Skate and Axel's friend, a professional wrestler named Max Thunder, Axel and Blaze set forth on a rescue mission, which will take them from the city all the way to Mr. X's hideout on a desolate island, where they will eventually face Mr. X and his bodyguard Shiva.




    Review: 8/10

                    This game is everything that a great side-scroll beat-em-up should be. Tight control, crisp graphics, good character design, great “super” abilities, and solid hit/collision detection. Bonus points for having a good combo system to chain attacks.


    Graphics/Artwork: 9/10

                    Some of the sharpest sprites of any Genesis title. Characters and enemies stand out against the well animated and clean backgrounds.


    Sound Track: 7/10

                    The music for each level and boss fight is fitting, but also shows some of the limitations of the tech available at that time. Good, but not great


    Gameplay: 9/10

                    All three of the Streets of Rage games have one thing in common, outstanding couch co-op gameplay.


    Final Thoughts:


                    Streets of Rage 2 is my favorite in this series and It still plays just a good today as it did all those years ago. Any fan of this style of game needs to replay it. 


    Name: Jason "Orpax" Auger

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