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      JOIN THE SQUAD   Welcome, UGeeks to the new and improved membership program that not only helps support the Ugeek Club but also rewards and distinguishes all of our amazing members.  If yo...

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  • Feb 09, 2019

      With the anime rated as one of the top of all time to see followed by equally as good brotherhood, let's dive into Fullmetal Alchemist Live-Action film and see how it stacks.     **Possibl...

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  •   Welcome to this week's Geek of the Week and we got some unique heavy metal for you guys to enjoy. Nico Saavedra the drummer and founder of Super Madnes wanted to bring two of his favorite ...

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  •   This week's Geek of the Week is Mar D Caos and she has so many talents. From modeling, acting, artist, gamer, and cosplayer, Mar D Caos is a Unique Geek that I'm a huge fan of. Today we're...

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      Welcome, Ugeeks to this week's Geek of the Week. This week we have an amazing ugeek Chris Valenta aka Vetivs. We had the chance to get to know him and his awesome metal talents as a compos...

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  •   This week we have an amazing geek of the week for our Ugeeks. Tsukichan is an up and coming cosplayer with so much talent and beauty. She brings these characters to life with such magnific...

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