Bright Movie (Review)



    Bright, a new movie out on Netflix that brings fantasy and urban city life together. For me, it was like an urban Shadowrun. This movie brings some interesting concepts together with its Training Day motif and Lord of the Rings lore into a movie that delivers some great moments. So let me tell you a little bit about Bright before I give you my rating on what Bright was to me. 



    The film takes place in an alternate present where fantasy creatures exist in the modern world together with humans. Humans live in uneasy peace with orcs and elves after the three races fought for thousands of years. In Los Angeles, veteran police officer Daryl Ward (Will Smith) has been involuntarily partnered with Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), the city's first orc police officer.



    Jakoby is ostracized by humans and orcs alike for wanting to become a police officer. In addition to the pushback from other officers, Ward is personally ambivalent towards him following an incident where it seems he might have let a fellow orc who shot Ward escape. During their patrol, Ward forces his partner to watch an orc being beaten during an arrest by a group of fellow cops in order to make a point about where Jakoby's loyalties need to be before they are called to arrest an unkempt man with a sword.



    During the trip back to the station, the man tells Jakoby in Orkish that both officers have become involved in a prophecy and that Ward is blessed. When pressed what the conversation was about, Jakoby lies and says the man was talking nonsense. While Jakoby is booking the prisoner, Ward is approached by Internal Affairs who say they also believe Jakoby put his ethnic loyalties before his partner. Ward, faced with significant financial burdens, is then pressured to agree to get his partner to confess on tape so they will have a politically acceptable excuse to fire Jakoby.



    So I don't wanna give away to much but that's at least the plot of the story. I like my reviews to not give away so much that you don't wanna watch it at all. Bright is an interesting story that brings two genres together and in my opinion, it does a good job in executing on that. Bright dares to do something different and I applaud its bravery in trying something new. Every moment was intense with some real-life situations that make you think about our society today. The only gripe I had with it was a couple situations with some not so good CGI but that's forgivable when seeing the scope of what they accomplished. I felt enthralled with the story and actors. I felt for Jakoby and I can't wait for the second film. From this UGeek, Bright gets a 9 out of 10. And to all, you UGeeks out there Keep on Geeking on. 


    Rated  9 - 10 



    Re-posted from 12/25/17