This Is Artimus (Geek of the Week)



    This weeks geek of the week is our first twitch streamer This is Artimus and he's a cool dude. So come check out our interview with Artimus and check out how he geeks out.



    UGeek Club: Where do you do most of your work?


    This Is Artimus: Most of my work is done in my studio/bedroom.




    UGeek Club: Are you inspired by life, images, or imagination? 


    This Is Artimus: Yes, the imagination of how I want to live life greatly inspires me to push myself.


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    UGeek Club: What drives you most in life?  


    This Is Artimus: The want for total happiness drives me most in life. I know what makes me happy and I continuously work on achieving my happiness. 



    UGeek Club: Where do you want to take your work?  


    This Is Artimus: I have no limits to where I would like to take my work. Many who look at me see me as doing this as just a hobby. Streaming is actually a passion, I love everything about the concept and love doing it. This is absolutely something I would want to turn into a career. No matter how long it takes.


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    UGeek Club: As a Gamer, what role do you see games playing in society? 


    This Is Artimus: As a heavy gamer, I see games impacting society in both positive and negative ways. Just like everything in life, there is a balance. I make sure I have time to focus on family, friends, and life achievements (myself). I make sure the virtual world doesn't consume my real world.




    UGeek Club: What programs do you work with, love, or recommend?


    This Is Artimus: I use a variety of programs at the same time. Such as OBS Studio, Streamlabs, different virtual managers (bots) for my stream, and many more. All the programs I run are free, some programs you can pay for and likely have a little quality increase. However, the free programs I use are just fine. If I ever run into any issues, it is usually the servers of whatever game I may be playing at the time. 


    UGeek Club: How do you want your streams to impact society?


    This Is Artimus: I want my streams to positively impact a person each time they come in. I try my best to respond to everyone who types in my chat. I treat everyone as equal and openly welcome anyone to my community.


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    UGeek Club: What environmental things inspire you? 


    This Is Artimus: The environmental things that inspire me the most are events such as PAX and Twitch Con. Meeting new people and meeting people who watch me is something that excites me! 


    UGeek Club: What was the first game you remember playing? Or the first game that inspired you to stream games? 


    This Is Artimus: The first game I remember picking up as a very small kid was Zelda on the Nintendo 64. There was no going back after that. Funny story, the question asks what game inspired me to start streaming. However, it wasn't a game at all. It was a person, who played a game I didn't even play! This person reminded me of me, and watching him opened my mind to what I would be like if I were a streamer. Also, this person had qualities in his character I wanted to achieve for myself. After starting, I was able to work on myself in ways I probably wouldn't have for a long time.



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    UGeek Club: How do UGeek? 


    This Is Artimus: I Geek not just from video games. I love fiction. Most of the shows/movies I watch have some sort of fantasy mingled with them. I am a big STARWARS fanatic. I cosplay sometimes at ComicCon. Mainly dressed as a Starwars character. Sometimes I actually play nerdy board games with my best friends. I don't have a problem sharing my hobbies and interests nor care what anyone thinks. I am a GEEK.


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    This Is Artimus