Mar D Caos (Geek of the Week)


    This week's Geek of the Week is Mar D Caos and she has so many talents. From modeling, acting, artist, gamer, and cosplayer, Mar D Caos is a Unique Geek that I'm a huge fan of. Today we're gonna be talking about her cosplay side but be sure to follow and support this amazing UGeek.



    UGeek Club: Where do you do most of your work?
    Mar D Caos: I work on cosplays and art at home.
    UGeek Club: Are you inspired by life, images, or imagination?
    Mar D Caos: Actually, life has inspired me to do a lot but also other people, the way they look, move, etc and I am not talking about other cosplayers or artists specifically, just people in general. I also get inspiration from dreams and let my imagination help me create things for art, cosplay, and modeling.
    UGeek Club: What drives you most in life?
    Mar D Caos: My muses are all those people around me! they are mostly the ones who drive my passion to do more and to get more creative.
    UGeek Club: Where do you want to take your work?
     Mar D Caos: What I do has been my career ever since I moved to Arizona back in 2010, it is not only my passion but the way I can express who I am and I make a living out of this or at least try to... it is actually extremely challenging, that's what makes it fun. I want to be able to travel around to cosplay everywhere I can around the world and share my art with people.
    UGeek Club: As a cosplayer, what role do you see cosplayers playing in society?
    Mar D Caos: Most of the times when I see other cosplayers I smile, I think it's because they represent living art within society. 
    UGeek Club: What do you love most about cosplaying?
    Mar D Caos: I love that I can add my personality to the cosplays I create, that I can incorporate my fashion style and use my imagination to be the characters I want and also to create new ones.
    UGeek Club: How do you want your cosplays to impact society?
    Mar D Caos: I want to inspire people to be comfortable showing their creativity, that they can cosplay even if they are on a budget, that EVERYONE can cosplay and that with hard work and passion into what you do, you can make your dreams come true!.
    UGeek Club: What environmental things inspire you?
    Mar D Caos: Definitely, music is one of the things that inspire me besides sights that are right in front of me, during my travels and everyday life.
    UGeek Club: What would you love to learn to do to improve your cosplay skills?
    Mar D Caos: Armor making!. There are a few characters I have been wanting to make but they require armor that is right now, beyond me haha.
    UGeek Club: How do UGeek?
    Mar D Caos: I game a lot, not only to geek out but it's another way for me to disconnect from reality and also honestly, get some more inspiration!.



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