Kong Skull Island (Review)

  • So when I heard about another Kong movie, I wasn't too excited because of some of the previous workings. But I gave it a chance with a couple of my buddies and all I can say is holy freaking shit. This isn't a slow movie at all. Right of the back it shows kong and his brutality. I was truly surprised by the pace of the move. I wasn't bored in any sense. So let me tell you a little about Kong: Skull Island.

    Spolier Zone Ahead

    When the Vietnam War ends, Bill Randa and his partner Houston Brooks from the Monarch organization succeed to get the financing for an expedition to the recently discovered Skull Island from Senator Willis.

    He hires the former Captain James Conrad to guide the expedition; a group of soldiers under the command of Colonel Preston Packard; and the awarded journalist and photographer Mason Weaver. On the arrival, the helicopters need to cross a storm and soon they drop bombs on the forest to map the seismology of the island. Soon they are attacked by a huge gorilla called Kong that destroys the helicopters and kills part of the crew and scatter the rest through the island.

    The group commanded by Conrad meets Hank Marlow, a survivor from the World War II that lives with a tribe of natives. He explains that Kong protects the island and the natives from underground monsters and shall not be killed. But Colonel Packard is insane seeking revenge for his men that died.

    And make sure to stay after the movie is over. You will get a nice teaser on who's Kongs next opponent or maybe ally. I was really impressed with Kong: Skull Island and I think you will as well. So coming from this UGeek this movie is a must watch. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

    Rated 9 - 10

    Re-posted from 4/16/17