Lasers, Music, Action! Lasers and Liquor at the Arizona Science

  • Do you enjoy music and visual entertainment that accompanies said music? Watching stories unfold or brightly dancing lights that ebb and flow with the music surrounding you? Well, if you do, this event is for you! It also have accompaniment of drinks, food, and fun with friends!

    This event is filled with fun and wonder. The host, James, was very nice and helpful with the best viewing spots, humor, and knowledge about all the songs and telling the story about how Lasers and Liquor came to be. The night I went was the POP night and had featured songs ranging from The Beatles to Lady Gaga. Before the show even started there was Karaoke going on to hype up the fun to be had later on. It was a great relaxing atmosphere and I am looking forward to going again.

    This event is definitely worth going to. Even if you stay for one show, there are two in the night and they have different sets of music. It's a fun way to meet others who have similar interests. The host, James, is very sweet and friendly as well as the other workers at the Science Center I got to meet. As you can see, more events are coming up and the price really isn't bad at all! So, I look forward to seeing you out there! Until then, Ugeek On!

    Re-posted from 4/28/17