Free Comic Book Day!

  • Hey, all! Today was Free Comic Book Day! Each year there is a special day where comic geeks can come together and receive a free comic book or two or three or ten... It is also a good way to introduce young ones to the joys of comic reading.

    The First Saturday in May has come to be known as Free Comic Book Day. Each comic store holds a little celebration in which they receive comics to give out for free plus special deals and discounts that they decide to provide to their returning customers and their potential new customers.

    Among deals and comics, artists come out and promote their work, cosplayers dress up and pose for pictures, and there are drawings and free giveaways depending on the comic shop(s) you attend. I usually have the day off and visit a few different shops to see what deals and perks that are going on. This year I only attended one. Jesse James Comics had a midnight opening for their Free Comic Book Day. There was a free grab bag for those who showed up. The bag included Youngblood #1, The Amazing Spiderman #1, Invader Zim #9, a Wildstorm Rising Defile card, and a coloring page of Voltron. Once the festivities began, there were 10 free comics to be had before shopping in the store full of dollar comics, 55% of trades, and toys/games 50% off. There were a lot of people who came out to the event when I got in line, we were given a number, mine was 164, so that will tell you about a number of people who showed up. Definitely, check out this event when it comes up again! You can look at new comics that you may not usually pick up. It is a lot of fun to be had with friends or even make new ones. I had a guy in line recommend a trade that I was looking at that I ended up buying. I look forward to reading it too. Until then, Ugeek On!

    Re-posted from 5/6/17