What's Geek @ Fanfest 2016: 8 bit music: Simple but Effective (

  • As listed in the Fanfest guide book: Listen to your favorites from games gone by. Discuss what makes 8-Bit music memorable and learn about some new things being done with it.

    The panel was very informative and the host had a small game he played where he had different 8 bit music from video games and from bands and got the audience involved with answering what they believed was the correct answer. Some of the game music covered was from Sonic the Hedgehog, Contra, Castlevania, Mike Tyson's Punch Out, and a few others. After going over the video game music he talked about different bands covering music and having influence by 8-bit gaming music.

    Some of the bands listed were Saberpulse, Anamanaguchi (video above), YMCK, Nullsleep, Unicorn Kid, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Danimal Cannon (video below), Zabuton and Dubmood, ComputeHer, and Alex Mauer. I suggest if you like 8 bit games or music to definitely check any of these out as they are all creative and fun. I will be listening to more 8 bit music as they are always energetic and bouncy. Give them a chance and enjoy the ride! Also if you see any panels supporting game music in any con, definitely check them out!

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