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  • January 10, 2019 3:34 PM MST



    Welcome, UGeeks to the new and improved membership program that not only helps support the Ugeek Club but also rewards and distinguishes all of our amazing members.  If you wanna be a casual member that loves to chat, post and share we got our Free Bronze Membership for you. If you're one of our classic Ugeeks that would love to utilize the classifieds, groups and events area and much much more then we have our $1.00 monthly Silver Membership for you. And if you're the ultimate Ugeek that wants to use all the advanced features with unlimited power then we have our amazing Gold Membership level at only $3.00 a month.  We want our community to thrive and stay alive with all of its Unique Geeks around the world. So come join us and ask yourself how do Ugeek? And come choose the membership that best fits how Ugeek.



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